Monday, May 30, 2011

They're Here!!!

Birth Announcement!!!!

Parents- Mille and Fleur D'uccle  
Mille and Fleur are happy to announce the arrival of 8 baby chicks! Less than twenty-four hours after being born,  the five girls and three boys have been moved from ICU ( incubator)  into the nursery where they will be watched over carefully by a full time nanny (me!) for the next few days.  All baby chicks are doing well and are expected to be ready for their first trip outside in about three weeks.   

The babies first photos:

The boys have the stripes the girls are darker colored.

Already you can see the puffy cheek feathers!

All worn out after a rowdy 15 minute eat and drink session.


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  1. they are absolutely adorable!!! congrats! I think it is awesome that you can sex the babies immediately by their markings... My chicks are over 2 months old now and I am STILL trying to figure out some of the breeds (Silkies)
    Anyway!!! COngrats again! :)