Friday, May 27, 2011

The Rooster News Report

Part of the buzz going around the coop is  about the 3 day weekend.
I am not sure how they all found out.  Must be The Rooster
News Report- It's what  we hear every morning, afternoon
and evening as all the roosters in the neighborhood call to
each other spreading the daily news, folklore and  gossip! 

Making my rounds this morning, I listened with interest as the Rooster Report made it's way through each yard.  Aside from the daily chicken stocks and egg counting these were the leading stories....

Bets are being taken as to if and when the broody hens' eggs will hatch.  Apparently the hens on the next street are already shaking their heads and  gossiping how the young mother's  husband has been seen lately,  hanging out with the other 4 hens, feeding them and dancing.   

Squirrel paparazzi  have reported no recent  sightings of Luci Lu and there are now conspiracy theories involving her disappearance from the
coop.  One expert claimed she was in rehab following a wild
and uncontrollable partying binge, while insiders point to the recently
published pictures in the tabloids of Luci Lu's sister, Gertie, openly dust bathing with Luci Lu's leading man Mack Black. Another grim theory reports that Luci Lu was last seen trying to cross the road.

Concerns are growing over the group known  as the Fab 5.
Sources say there has been some fighting lately among the members
over their public image.  Questions have arisen
 over pictures that were said to have been
touched up so that some members of the group would be able
to conform to the American Poultry Club's Standard of Perfection.
The group has not issued a comment at this time.


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