Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All in a Day's Work

Running a sucessful chicken kingdom, though filled with lots of fun, games and laughter, does require some work.  Being royalty is great and all, but eventually there comes a part of the day when you just have to roll up your sleeves and get the chores done. This is the part of the day when I really would love to have Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs visit, but he's already been to someone else's chicken kingdom and it was a LOT dirtier. 

As I went into the coop to check on my littlest babies, I was suprised to see I had walked in on an' invitation only ' executive director  power breakfast. " What do you mean I'm late?!  I am the Executive Director!, I said pointing to my slightly askew royal crown ( Tony Stewart baseball cap)  As they had already begun discussing the prices of feed, building supplies and future projected egg outputs I was usherred away from the Focus group and asked to check my email later for updated spreadsheets and memos. 

Continuing on I stopped to pay a visit to the D'Uccles.  A wonderful young newlywed couple from Belgium. Mille, though shy at first, warmed right up and now likes to quietly gossip about the other hens and things she sees when I am not around. Fleur is loud and boisterous, insisting on attention when ever I pass by.  Though he likes to play hard to get, once caught, he does enjoy being petted and will amost fall asleep in my arms.  My husand had recently built them a nice nest box and though they had checked it out, they had not seen fit to use it yet. 
Mille had been laying eggs, but lately the past week she has stopped.  As I inquired as to why she had stopped, she looked at me indignantly and then pointed to the condo above hers.   Those neighbors ( The Fab 5- my gold laced cochin babies )  leave the light on all night, and all five of them stomp and jump about , keeping them up for hours.  They barely get any sleep let alone feel any need to .. WHOA!  This is a G rated blog!  I get the point.  Of course I didn't have the heart to tell her they were about to have more upstairs neighbors as soon as the new batch of eggs hatch.  But to try and sooth over their feelings, I did give them a day vacation away to the spa corner of the coop so they could get away for a while.

Guess now that the chores are done, and I've talked to and checked on everybody, I need to head back inside and check my email for the updated spreadsheets and any memos. 

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