Friday, December 16, 2011

New Quail babies are here!

Things have been extremely busy around here since I started college and then the holidays crept up on me!  Matter of fact, I have been so busy that I actually forgot I had 6 quail eggs sitting in the incubator until the exact day they should have hatched.  Realizing I had not prepared for the quail to hatch ( I forgot to add water to the incubator to up the humidity, and forgot to turn off the automatic turner too!) I was not expecting for any to hatch.  However,  just in case, I added water, turned off the auto- turner and locked the incubator down with every intention of tossing out the eggs two days later.

24 hours later and we have 6 of the cutest, tiniest valley quail chicks I ever saw.  Doesn't matter that they are the first valley quail chicks I ever saw either, I am convinced they are the cutest!  All of them are smaller than my thumb!  I can't wait to watch them grow into beautiful, mature birds.