Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It All Started When....

   This whole chicken hobby ( borderline obsession)  began when a lady I worked with bought a dozen fresh eggs.  I was surprised she was paying almost twice what they cost in the store.  Being a city girl, I thought all eggs were pretty much equal and  fresh from the store shelves.  Okay, so I knew there were brown and white eggs, large and extra large, but how different could they really be?  My coworker( born and raised country girl)  smiled and  challenged me to buy a dozen eggs myself.   So I did.

Next thing you know, I talked my husband into building our first chicken coop and we had 10 buff orpington chicks peeping and growing.  It was a fun time watching them get bigger and then one day we had a disheartening lesson in predator proofing.  We came home to find that one of our small dogs had dug into the coop and killed all the chickens.  The coop sat empty and bare for a year before we decided to try again.  However, we regrouped, predator proofed and started over with grown chickens, 5 hens and 1 very large rooster.   Success at last, we had more eggs than we could eat and gave away and sold  quite a few.

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