Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicken Scrimmage Match

The sun is shining bright today and with temperatures  hovering about 61 degrees it almost feels a bit like fall.  Apparently, I am not the only one feeling that way as a few of the boys decided it felt like the perfect morning for a quick game of football.  You may be thinking quietly to yourself that chickens do not play football.  Well not the  same game you are used to watching.  However,  they DO have a game they play regularly that is similiar.  One chicken finds something, a bug, blade of grass, flower, leaf, etc. and excitedly clucks over it to let everyone else know they don't have what he has.  The others happily  respond by chasing the chicken and trying to get the so called 'treasure'.   There are interceptions, blocking, and  running from one end of the field to the other.    Following, are the highlights from this morning's game :)

The team captains' came forward, shook hands, and waited  for the coin toss.  The Blue team gets the ball first!

The ball ( leaf ) is snapped and the Blue team goes
wide to the right,  finding a hole and easily outrunning the Black team.

With the Blue team hard on their heels, the Black team responds admirably.  Taking the ball ( leaf) into the end zone straight as the crow flies.  Score is now 1 - 1.

The Blue team hands off to their golden boy.  All of a sudden he gets slammed late, after hitting the sidelines!

PENALTY-  Personal Foul!!
 (pun intended ) Unsportsman
 like conduct and the Black team
                                                           looses valuable yardage!!

That hard hit definately got quite a few feathers ruffled!   These two players seem to have quite the disagreement over what consitutes a late hit.

The Blues waste no time, handing off to Big Bo Blue. This time he goes wide left.  Breaking past the tackle he takes it into the end zone a second time!  Looks like this kid is scratching his way up to be the MVP.  Score : Blue Team 2- Black 1

Not ready to toss in the towel yet, even with triple coverage, Mack takes it up through the middle and then hugs the sidelines on his way to the goal.  He- Could- GO -ALL- THE- WAY!!

TOUCHDOWN!!  Score is now even at 2-2

As they line up for the last play of the day, the energy level has not dropped at all, and emotions are starting to run high.  If the Blue team doesn't score on this play, the game could go into overtime.

It's handed off to Big Bo Blue who amost gets blocked at the 80 yard line...

He cuts to the right, running across the field, and has help keeping the Black team off his tail.....

SCORE!!!   He walks it into the end zone as the clock runs down!   The Blue team wins!             Blue team 3- Black Team 2

Good Game Everyone!  Good Game!!

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