Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Broody Hen

It's official.  We have our first broody hen!  She has been sitting now for five days and looks very determined.  I've read it takes 21 days total, so the countdown has begun.   It will be fun to watch and see what happen, as Jeff has already built the brooder so we are ready if and when  little chicks hatch.   The next day or two I am going to try and move her to a separate pen where she can have peace and quiet.  Already I have noticed two broken eggs from our large rooster climbing around and trying to sit next to her.   Though he is quite a sweetheart and gentle,  he is a large boy and not very  light on his feet. 

Last night after the chickens settled my husband and I were able to move the broody hen into a separate cage with her eggs with no fuss from her, however one of the other hens jumped into the nest and was determined to guard the eggs .  I endured a couple of mean pecks and quite  a bit of grumbling from the new hen
as I took the eggs to place back under the broody mom.  Oh the joys of raising babies! That's the thanks I get for keeping ole big foot rooster from crushing more eggs.

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