Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Ugly Duckling, I mean Chicken

You have seen chicks, right?  If you are like me, the first chick
I remember seeing  live and in technicolor was at a feed store
when my kids were little. It was Easter time and since we
were living in the country we decided everyone should have
  chicks and  ducklings to go with their baskets. It was a big hit
with the kids!  We just couldn't get over how cute those babies were.
It is quite a few years later, but I still get excited when I see chicks, because, well let's face it, they are teeny weeny, warm, fuzzy balls of cuteness that fit in the palm of your hand.  Pick one up and hold it and you will have a big sappy smile plastered on your face, guaranteed.  

Take for instance, the group known in my chicken kingdom as the Fab Five.  The Gold Laced Cochins are  my favorite flavor (color)  of Cochin.  They are the friendliest, sweetest and most vocal of all of my chickens.  Though most tend to stay on this side of  cute  as they grow , every once in a while there is one who, for whatever reason, crosses over to the side of .... ugly.

It's a bad hair day!  Definitely at an awkward stage with feathers coming in and refusing to lay down flat.  Nope these feathers are going to stick straight out. 

Rumor has it that she is going to turn out to be a beautiful gold laced Cochin, but at this point in time, I am not so sure.  So, in honor of her awkward stage-  her name is officially Rumor.  The first of the Fab 5 to get a name :)

As the youngest, she gets picked on,  is the last to venture outside and the first to high tail it inside at any sign of trouble.  I am hoping she ends up like the swan of another story and ends up being the prettiest of them all.  But if not, maybe she will have a great personality.

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