Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mack Black, Ninja Chicken

   As our cochin chicks grow, it is normal for them to spar, and jostle with each other to find thier pecking order in the flock and to try to assert dominance over the others.  Our boys are still young so a lot of the  fighting has been lighthearted, ending almost as soon as it starts,  with no one getting hurt.
  However, there is one who has stepped up and proclaimed
 himself head of the rest, and none have challenged him until
 this morning.  Meet Mack Black, Ninja Chicken.

It was a typical morning.  I, with my coffee and camera,  made the rounds through the vegetable and flower gardens and upon entering the pen,  got comfortable in my corner. With a smile I was watching the usual morning running, flapping , fighter pilot zooming practice around the pen when it happened.   For some unknown reason  the gauntlet was thrown down between Mack and his brother Diego. 

The whole yard went quiet as the two squared off and began sizing each other up.  Both roughly the same size and in great physical shape. Diego and Mack have both broke up thier share of fights with the others but everyone backs down from Mack.   As  with all brothers, sometimes one just gets mad at the other and it's time to challenge who really is the head chicken of the coop.
Amazed, I watched through my camera lens as Mack struck first with a powerful karate kick to Diego's gut, causing him to back peddal and flap his wings to regain his balance.  The other chickens quickly moved to give the fighters the center of the pen for room.
Next Mack assumed the crouching tiger stance ready to deflect Diego's return volley, but Diego simply jumped and stomped in defiance.
 As one, they both jumped and bumped chests together,each  trying to force the other back.  You can see some of the other chickens in the background gathering to place bets while others are starting to form a circle and chant " fight! fight! fight!"
Diego had yet to strike a blow- simply gesturing and talking trash. Tiring of his brother's defiance and refusal to submit and accept his leadership, Mack decided it was time to end this. Crouching low and exuding an exterior of calm he waited for Diego's arrogance to bring him into striking distance
Faster than a camera shutter Mack pounced like a lion and pinned Diego to the ground in a submission hold for all to see.
Pride wounded, Diego waited for Mack to let him up, then slunk off to nurse his wounds. 
The whole thing was over and done with in less than 60 seconds. 
Head Cokerel and reigning undefeated champion-
Mack Black, Ninja Chicken

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