Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicken Romper Room

After putting some of his carpentry skills to work on the chicken complex ( It is now too complicated a building to be referred to as simply a coop in my opinion) Jeff declared that I was well on my way to having room for 400 chickens. " I am not going to have 400 chickens!", I exclaimed while I quickly turned and looked the yard over, mentally dividing it into sections for runs and coops.  Hmmmmm......

The Chicken Hilton Inn

New and Exciting Improvements- Chicken Romper Room!!
 The little chicks, having outgrown the top floor of the  brooder,  needed more room and  a space where they could also go outside.  So like any good parents, we gave up the storage space on the bottom,  enclosed it, then build an addition onto the outside of the coop, but inside the main run.    This gives them double the space and they can go outside and interact with the bigger chickens without being bullied by them.  Eventually, when they are bigger we can let them loose to run with the big guys.  My two level brooder, now 3 floors,  is  referred to as the Chicken Hilton Inn :)   I am so thankful my main architect and carpenter ( husband Jeff) does not stress easily as the designer for this modification( Me) changed her mind 3 times.  After much drawing and discussing the outside result works great.

Outside Chicken Romper Room from the front.
Outside Chicken Romper Room from the back.  This is the door section or will be once I go buy a set of hinges and handle today.  For now, it is simply screwed in place.

In Other news....

Luci Lu has been put into isolation due to a left leg injury.  I found her wedged tightly between the fence and a crate yesterday afternoon. I could tell she had been struggling so apparently there was some rough housing going on while I wasn't around.   After gathering all the chickens together and asking what happened, all I got was a lot of " It wasn't me." and  "I don't know"  Luci isn't talking either.  I couldn't find a break anywhere and am hoping it is a pulled muscle, tendon or a sprain.  She has her own private  room on the top floor of The Chicken Hilton and will receive room service and occasional,  in home, movie viewing privileges with me until she heals.

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