Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's all in the Updates...

The babies are up and moving around more today.  However cute, they are typical babies.  There are only three things in their lives that matter at this time :  eating, drinking and sleeping.   I also  have to deal with a fourth thing- the pooping.  At least paper towels on the floor make for an easy clean up.

  After many days of scrambling, jockeying for position and hanging out in the highest trees,  the squirrel paparazzi finally captured this intimate shot of Luci Lu and Gertie in  deep discussion and point to the disgusted look on Luci Lu's face as a sign that
tensions in the family are still present after the tabloids ran the story of Gertie and Mack Black.   Henny Penny, Luci Lu's publicist shrugged off the speculation stating that it was Luci's first day out after recovering from a tendon sprain and she  was feeling a bit tired at the time.

Those betting that the broody hens' eggs would hatch this week will be shocked to find out the eggs have been removed from her custody.  The first time guardian of 9 has been accepted back into the flock after trying unsuccessfully to hatch the eggs.  Investigators are releasing little details of the tragedy stating that it will take many weeks to get back any results, but no foul ( fowl) play was suspected.   The lead investigator was heard remarking about a fickle Mother Nature before reporters were shown the door.

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