Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flight School

It's Saturday!!  After the morning infusion of caffeine I made my
 way out to check on the chickens.  It was early and apparently  I was late for class at Chicken School!  Chicken School you ask?  Yes-  all that clucking and bawk, bawk, bawking is not mindless.  Young chickens have a lot to learn in a short amount of time in order to survive. My chickens  have already  been busy taking important classes teaching valuable life skills , such as :

*Working your way up the Pecking Order without Walking on Eggshells
* The Hen house and Something to Crow About
* Use your Bird Brain to build your Nest Egg
*When it's time to Fly the Coop

                                                          Today's Lesson- Flight School!!

After a brief demonstration, Mack lined everyone
up and began to give instructions. The goal was to make
it to the top of the dog crate I had put in earlier this week
for the little chicks.  Everyone must at least try and those
who don't make it will have to take remedial classes later.
Big Bo Blue stepped up first  to give it a try....

Together two more nail it on the first try!!

Just keep flapping, Just keep flapping....

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