Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh How They Grow

Looking over my flock this morning I was impressed at how much they have grown in such an incredibly short time.  
Here they are at four days old when I first brought them home.  They lived inside with us in a brooder until they reached about five weeks of age.  With no room left in the brooder it was time for them to move to the big house.

I thought it might be fun to show share a few " Then and Now"  pictures.  This is your only warning- the cuteness factor is about to go sky high....

Ruckus at 1 week old.  Out of all my babies this one chirped louder and more frequently than all the others put together.  Maybe it was because it was the only buff one, but even now I can recognise it's chirp apart from all the others.

Ruckus at 8 weeks. Still raising a ruckus and making more noise
than anyone else some days.

This is Eagle Eye at one week old.    What a stare!  Already exhibiting such attitude at being taken away from his food and water for a photo shoot.  I should have known then he would be a roo!

Eagle Eye today at 8 weeks old sitting next to Ruckus.Already done eating for the morning, not nearly as much attitude for this photo shoot. :)

This is Paisley at a week old.  He was my favorite out of all at first.  He didn't mind being picked up and held, and as he got a little bigger he would come over, I could pick him up and he would settle in my lap and go to sleep.

 Paisley now at 8 weeks old.  Since they have gotten used to being in the outside pen, he has given up my company for the sake of his 'friends'.  Typical teenager.

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  1. Hi! I got your blog link off of BYC :) I enjoyed reading about your chicks- how fun! I also linked your blog to mine so that I will get your updates. Hope that is ok!!