Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Confessions of a Chicken Addict

innocent beginnings
It started innocently enough.  One of the girls I knew said, " Hey, try it!  You'll like it! There is nothing better on this planet than farm eggs."   Having never tried them before, I figured a little experimentation couldn't hurt. According to her, it was the health food fad and all her friends were doing it.   When she  offered to set up a meeting for me with her contact, and pay for my first time- I didn't want  her to think I was chicken, ( sorry, couldn't resist!) so I gave in to peer pressure.  I barely got through the first time and was already craving more.  I was hooked.  It wasn't long before white eggs no longer gave me the same thrill.  I moved up to brown, then tried the blues and even worked my way up to the shades of pink and green.

baby chickens
I had to stop using my friends' contact because they couldn't keep up with demand.  Luckily, that contact introduced me to something better,  and I moved up to baby chicks.  I started with a few of the babies, and to hold me over until they started producing, I got some older ones too.   It all sounded so logical at the time.  If I could grow my own, that would cut out the middle man and I wouldn't have to spend my days hunting and  worrying about where my next batch of eggs were going to come from.
  Next thing I know,  I'm buying and selling full grown chickens.  And to support my own growing chicken habit,  I  became a pusher of healthy  farm fresh eggs myself.    I didn't care where I was.  Schools, restaurants, even in church I was pushing the fresh home grown stuff to the masses.

Hova-Bator 1602N incubator
Spiraling ever more, I got even more deeply involved and began hatching out what I was growing.  Now not only could I get new people to try the eggs, but I could supply them.  And when they were looking for their next healthy hobby, I could supply and introduce them to the world of baby chicks.

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  1. hmmm sounds like you might be a full blown addict! ;0)