Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Mr. Boots

Mr. Boots

 It wasn't that  long ago when the hen house received their first leading man, Big Daddy Roo.  However, due to differing opinions on courtship, favoritism and manners Big Daddy Roo was rejected and sent packing.  For the next couple of weeks the hens settled into a  quiet routine awaiting the Bird of their dreams.    Today, the  hen house is all aflutter with excitement !  Early this morning the hens flocked to the fencing, eagerly  pressing  against one another to get a look at their new leading man, Mr. Boots, a gorgeous Standard Buff Cochin.

Unlike his previous predecessor who ruled with an iron first, Mr. Boots calmly stepped into the middle of the pen and began a sweet gentle conversation with each of the girls.  Quickly the hens gave in to his soft spoken demeanor and gathered around, stars in their eyes.  In less than five minutes he had gained their attention, and captured their hearts with his display of fancy footwork and courting abilities.  While  all the hens sighed with delight, I left to give them some privacy as two of the hens threw themselves at his feet in surrender.

 Look out-
There is a young, new rooster in town and his name is Mr. Boots!

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  1. LOLOL!!! I love this post- too funny! Mr. Boots is very handsome! I hope your girls are very happy with him!