Monday, June 6, 2011

I wanted to be a Vet when I grew up...

 This is Jackie, one of our silver laced wyandottes.  Jeff named her Jaquelyn but like most parents I'll only call her that when she's in trouble.   It was hot this weekend with temperatures hovering around 95.  I had gone outside to do a water check and to make sure all the chickens were fine.   Upon entering the run of the newly integrated flock, I noticed Jackie looked like she had a spot of blood on her back, near her tail.  Thinking she had been picked on by the older hens, I scooped her up and  called my husband over to look as I made my way out of the pen.  Upon closer inspection we found an inch long gash!   Jeff thought it looked like she had been spurred by our big rooster.   I could see INSIDE my chicken!  I am NOT supposed to be able to see INSIDE my chicken unless it's dead and ready to be cooked!!  (  Don't worry, no graphic pictures included)

After a brief yet thorough freak out, I brought her in to the operating room ( my dining room) and had my assistant nurse ( my 14yr old son) scrub up and apply anesthesia ( rag over head and hold on!) Cleaned her up with alcohol, super glued her skin back together and put some antibiotic ointment on it when we got done. She is now resting on the top floor of the chicken hilton, receiving luxury room service,  for the next couple days so I can make sure it's healing.

And Then..


Such a cute chick you exclaim.  So tiny....So fuzzy....So sweet...


WHAT THE???  Who put the Jekyll/ Hyde chick in with the others!!

So this little girl somehow got a scratch on her eye and it has swollen to MONSTROUS proportions.  I went to my vets office to pick up the eye drops and patiently endured all the laughing and looks I was getting from the other people.  A Real chicken? ( snicker, snicker)  As in a pet?  ( snort, snort)   Yeah.  I offered to bring one by so my vet could have a picture taken with it.  Then he can put it next to the ones of him with lions, tigers, horses, cats and dogs.  It would make him appear more well rounded.

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  1. oh my goodness!! hope both of your gals are feeling better soon!