Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chicken Fashionistas

Bald back caused by over breeding by rooster
Breeding season has been in full swing for quite some time now and as I surveyed my chicken kingdom I noticed  that a couple of the hens are starting to look worse for wear thanks to some over active roosters.
When there is a low hen to rooster ratio, roosters can begin to over breed the hens, causing all kinds of damage to the feathers from breakage to loss.
 Eventually the hen can end up with bald patches on their backs and shoulders.  Though this is cosmetic and causes a less than attractive looking chicken, other problems can arise such as sunburn or skin infections from scratches or pecking.

Tools of the designer clothing trade- OK-, stuff from my sewing room

So what's a girl to do?  After all, it's early summer and there are parties to plan, gala's to be invited to and premiers to be seen at!  A girl can't go out without well dressed feathers!    No, she can't.  So being the responsible purveyor of all things good in my chicken kingdom, I sent the girls to a designer to get that special something that no girl should be without for the summer festivities!

A measurement here, a snip and stitch there, some elastic for comfort and a little applique for that special sparkle and a wave of Cinderellas' god mother's wand and.....   TADA!

                                               You look MAH - VA- LUS  Darling!

                                  Fresh off the sewing machine- I mean runway in Paris! 

                              All the girls want one and try to find out how to get their own!!

These are super easy to make, I am going to start making and selling them. If you have a special girl who needs an outfit for protection from marauding roosters or something spectacular for that special event let me know!

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  1. I NEED ONE!!! I have been worried about Road Runner for a couple weeks now, she seems to be the General's favorite and she looks rough. We asked at TSC earlier this week if they carried Chicken Saddles, and they looked at us like we were crazy. So how did you know how to make one? How much are you going to sell them for? :)