Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mr. Bo Blue

Last September, I had shared a couple pictures of Bo Blue, one of our Large Fowl Cochin, also called Giant /Standard to  distinguish from the smaller sized bantam cochins..  We had no idea what to expect when the buff colored feathers started appearing on his chest.  Now in his adult plumage, I thought I would put the pictures all together here so others could enjoy watching him grow and see the changes as we have.   Obviously my favorite Roo with his wonderfully sweet personality, and beautiful coloration I am even more excited to watch Bo pass along these great traits to future generations.  So far, I have spotted at least 3 chicks that will have the same type of coloring.  Pictures of them will be posted soon.

Here is Bo Blue at 2 months.  Hard to believe he started out completely blue, but soon he started to show some buff feathers on his chest, then wings then it just kept going.


Here is Bo blue at 6 months.  Amazing what a change in only 4 months makes!  He has the  most amazing feathering on his legs and feet and I can't wait to see what kind of babies we get from him.

 Bo Blue at one year old, enjoying an evening stroll with the ladies through the back yard.  He has kept his amazing feathering on his feet and legs.  Already we are seeing his coloring and feathering passed down to future generations.

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