Thursday, May 17, 2012

Colored Cochins!

Though you can only see the one cuddled up to mom
in this photo, we have 6 little guys running around in
our big coop with the adults.  As their feathers come in we are seeing some very strange but interesting markings and colors develop.  Once they get a bit older I will post some pictures to document the feather patterns.  But already I'm wondering what is in the genetic background....

 Speaking of surprise genetics, this blue mottled cochin  chick is growing and doing well.   I"m curious to see if the mottling will continue or if it will disappear with the next molt and leave us a solid blue bird.

Likewise with the black mottled cochin chick.  Will the white feathers become black?  I"m hoping not.  I"m really loving the look of the mottling and would love to see this carried on to further generations.

We have our eyes on a few others that are becoming increasingly interesting as they grow......

Looks Exactly like  his daddy Big Bo
Beautiful color, hoping it stays.
These barred feathers are going to be interesting when this chick is grown!

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