Friday, April 27, 2012

Growing up Cochin!

Black mottled Cochin chick and blue Cochin chick

One of the fun things when hatching chicks is that
 sometimes you can look at the parents and know
exactly what to expect.  For instance, the blue Cochin chick on the right is a perfect copy of it's mother just like we hoped for.  But the mottled on the left, was a surprise!!  We LOVE surprises!!

Blue mottled Cochin chick on left, partridge mix on right

Add to that surprise a blue mottled chick too!  None of the parents are mottled, and though I had seen hints it was in the genetics somewhere, I hadn't expected to have any mottled ourselves.  These two are definitely keepers for the future!

We also ended up with some Wyandotte X Brahma crosses.  Although, I have to admit some of them are showing some interesting coloring and  feather patterns themselves.

 This one and the one to the right are the same and  has already been dubbed the moniker
"Pretty Boy Floyd"    We are pretty sure it's a future rooster, but he is our #1 favorite for color  and patterns at this time out of our crosses.
Though he looks headless from this angle, it's a better picture to see the barring in his feathers.  We can't wait to see what he looks like once his adult plumage comes in!

This little partridge colored one also has some interesting barring on it's feathers as well.

Some of the others

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