Monday, April 9, 2012

Got Broodies??

 Things don't always go according to plans, especially with chickens.  For instance, last year none of our hens felt the need to go broody and hatch out chicks.  So, we decided earlier this year to use the incubator to hatch around 40 chicks thinking we would use some to replace older stock, some to expand our flock,  and the others would be placed in the freezer.  All 40 chicks are filling out beautifully and growing well.

  However, sometime last week between the warmer temperatures, the sound of morning irrigation, and pollen swirling through the air, there came a mystical shift in the attitudes of my hens and suddenly almost half of them have decided now is the time for motherhood.   These are three who share one nest of around 21 eggs, and they will take turns getting something to eat and drink before returning to keep the eggs warm.

 These two are in the same coop as those above, but sharing another nest as they couldn't fit into the first one.  I"m not sure how many eggs are in there, somewhere around 12 last time I could get a peek to check.

The madness has spread to another coop where at last check, 8 eggs were being safely guarded by squawking and feather puffing by this mom to be. 

Luckily, the chicks 'we' hatched have a coop all to themselves to go to so all the new chicks hatched by the hens will get to stay with them.  Phew!  Anybody  need some chicks? 

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