Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Life

There it is!  The first sign of life!!  After 3 weeks of  carefully calibrating  temperature and humidity,  gently turning each egg  3 times a day, and a lot of patient watching,  we had a pip!  A pip is when the baby chick makes it's first hole in the egg as it prepares to break out.   Here, on the left side of the egg you can see where it started.   

 It was hard to stop pressing my face against the tiny window of the incubator so I could watch nature's drama unfold and enjoy the beginning of a new little life, but  my breath kept fogging up the plastic and I decided I should get a picture or two anyway.  This picture is the next phase called the "zip".  The chick makes a crack all the way around the egg so that it can emerge and hatch.  Between each stage the chick takes a break and rests.  It's hard work being born!

                                                                                     Success!!!  Happy Birthday Chick #1!!!!

                                                                                     And then, Almost 24 hours later............................ .Happy Birthday Chick #2!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are waiting to see if the other two eggs will hatch in the next 24 hours.  We will keep you updated!!

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