Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Bird in the Hand is Worth...

*Where is the Rooster Report, you ask? 
*What happened to  Big  Daddy Roo?
* Why aren't there new pictures of the baby chicks!?  
* What is going on with ( insert name of favorite chicken here)?

My schedule has been a bit hectic of late.  Who knew that returning to college would cause other projects to suddenly appear and take up previously plentiful amounts of time?   Below you will find one of the more enjoyable projects, although it does indeed, take up quite a bit of time.  :o)

 This Mille Fleur bantam chick has been named Calypso.   A Greek name meaning, 
" hidden or covered with a veil", it fits her well  as she is rarely happy, quiet, or sleeping unless being held in my hand while covered with a towel, shirt or my other hand.  I had thought at first that she may not like the bright light of the lightbulb being used for heat, but in this family of chicken stars, she might as well get used to it.  Though she will tolerate being placed back into the brooder to eat and drink and hang out with the other chick, if she catches a glimpse of me walking by she will began to loudly, and I do mean LOUDLY, demand that she be picked up and appropriately snuggled.

Hatched less than 24 hours apart, as a bantam, Calypso is only half the size of the other chick, a standard size Cochin cross.

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