Friday, September 2, 2011

OH MY Quail!!!

I know, I know it's a chicken blog, but.. we got Quail!!!! 
We decided to start our adventure with the Georgia Giant Bobwhite quail.  Four males, the ones with the white stripes on the head, and 8 females are all together in the cage I brought them home in.  Jeff will have the outside pen finished for them tonight and then they will have a lot more room. 
Having just bought them last night, they have been sitting on my dining room table ( O.O  a foreshadowing of things to come!! Shhhhhh!)  making the sweetest sounds!

Georgia Giant Bobwhite

Of course, my adventure didn't stop there.  As I was happily walking back to my truck, I happened to see a different kind of quail.  (At this point, my chicken friends are nodding knowingly.  For everyone else, well let me just say birds are like potatoe chips...  you can't have just one, or two, or three...)

Valley  quail have absolutely beautiful grey and blue plumage.  The breeder had two pair and I was able to talk him out of one.  As they pair have recently gone through a molt, I can't wait to see them in another couple of week with all new feathers!
Mountain Quail


  1. You got Valley quail girl :D

  2. madam1313- you are right! Thanks for catching that!